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  • Automobile tire changer TC941L

Automobile tire changer TC941L

Left auxiliary arm, in line with European and American usage habits

Product Description

Technical Parameter

Outer Clamp 10"-20" Air Supply 8-10bar
Inter Clamp 12"-24" Motor Parameters 220V 1.1KW / 380V 0.75KW
Max Wheel Diameter 1040mm Net Weight 210KG
Max Wheel Width 450mm Gross Weight 240KG
Packing Dimension 1110×900×920mm    

Product Details

1.Single cylinder left auxiliary arm system is equipped as standard, which makes it easier to disassemble explosion-proof tire

Automobile tire changer TC941L

2.Strengthen the design of round column, with higher strength and wide application range

Automobile tire changer TC941L

3.The front face of the foot pedal is detachable, which is convenient for maintenance when
the chassis fails.

Automobile tire changer TC941L

4.The big shovel adopts the arc design, which can move back and forth, left and right. It can release the shovel force better when working with the tire.

Automobile tire changer TC941L

5.The claw is made of special material, which is strong and durable.

Automobile tire changer TC941L

6.Alloy dismounting head, wear-resistant, impact resistant, with protective pad to protect the wheel hub.

Automobile tire changer TC941L


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